We give our students the opportunity to exercise the creative side of their brain by showing them the basics of using all forms of drama to communicate the powerful message of Jesus Christ as well as teaching them how to create them with positive feedback. Students are given the opportunity to write their own dramatic productions, produce human videos, dinner theaters, spoken words, along with many other avenues of creative dramatic production.


Acting and stage presentation is important when trying to communicate the life-changing message of Jesus Christ through drama. The training that ReMC provides will enable the student to minister powerfully using the medium of acting and physical communication as well as one-on-one lessons with those desiring to pursue theatre on a deeper level.


Human video is a powerful tool that continues to grow and evolve. Many of our musical and visual presentations involve gymnastics, mime, ballet, dance, and/or acting! It's a unique mix and a powerful tool that God uses to convey His message. ReMC uses a very non-traditional approach to a visual generation.

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