Programming fees


ReMC Programming & Housing Fees $3,900. annually

*Programming fees include travel expenses and Fine Arts Training.


**Housing fee doesn't include food, fuel for daily travels, and car insurance (for personal vehicles)

***ReMC has partnered with Ecclesia College so students can earn an accredited degree wholly online with EC. Students who dually enroll with ReMC and Ecclesia College receive the ReMC Ministry Scholarship, bringing EC's out-of-pocket cost of tuition down significantly. Because of this scholarship made available to students dually enrolled with ReMC and EC, the most an EC online ReMC Cohort student will pay out-of-pocket for tuition is $3,200 yearly (24 credit hours), or $2,400 (18 credit hours). Students who qualify for other forms of financial aid, such as Pell 
Grants and VA Benefits will pay even less out-of-pocket. Information for Ecclesia can be found at

****If a Student selects West Coast Bible College for credentialing, there is an additional $199 fee per month for classes, plus books that they will pay on their own.


We do offer ReMC Scholarship opportunities at some of our Events - call the office for details!

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